Getting Started - Setup Wizard

Note: This Wizard will only be available for freshly new users of our app, existing or returning users will be able to use it on a phase basis

Thanks for choosing Product Customizer! This article will guide you to using the Setup Wizard which has features to help you customize the look of your options and also speed up the time to complete the installation, the wizard will get you up and ready in minutes!

(If you have not customized a product, you should do so now so you can run the Wizard, for help on this see article:

Once at least 1 product in your store has customization options, the Setup Wizard button will be clickable:

You can now go ahead and click on that button which will launch the wizard.

NOTE: You must be on a Desktop/Laptop computer to use this install Wizard.

Next Step: Setup Wizard - Step 2: Pointing to desired location of options

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