Changing To A Different App Plan

As a reminder our 3 plan options are:

1. Basic - $18.99/mo - Includes unlimited product options fields on any/all product pages on your store, plus unlimited email and chat support with our near-24/7 support team.

2. Premium - $39.99/mo: Includes Basic features, plus the ability to attach customization charges to any/all product options fields - and the ability to use conditional logic to hide or display your product options based on what your customers select in previous options fields.

3. Premium Plus - $99.99/mo: Includes all features of Basic and Plus plans, plus unlimited phone and email support with our Customer Success Manager. 

*** Please note that each user only gets one 14-day free trial. Upgrading to a higher plan will not give you a new free trial period. ***

That said, to upgrade or downgrade your Product Customizer app plan, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Product Options & Customizer app and once it fully loads, click the "My Account" button in the top right:

2. Select your new desired plan:

3. Confirm your selection by clicking the blue button on the popup.

4. Approve the charge on Shopify's billing page:

App will then reload and you will be back on the homepage, with the selected plan features. All done!

Need support or have further questions? Email us anytime using the link below. Our near-24/7 support team is always here to help!

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