Video 1: How We Complete Your Installation

Curious to know what our team does on the back end when you install our app on your store? Or when you change your store's theme? This video gives a brief explanation. As always, please wait a few hours for us to email you (or longer on the weekends!) and to let you know that our team has completed or re-verified your installation.

So please remember - anytime you:

1. Install the app fresh

2. Change your store's theme

3. Upgrade from Basic to Premium

We receive a notification from our server immediately, our support team takes action to complete (or verify) your code installation on the back end, and we email you (100% of the time) to let you know it is ready to go!

Watch Video #2 - Fixing Blank App Screen

Questions or issues? Please email our tech support using the contact links on this site, and we will be back with you very soon!

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