Disabling Ajax Cart Types

Several Shopify themes use "fancy" cart types, which may not be compatible with Product Customizer. These cart types either:

  • update the cart in a non-standard way using ajax – without using a page refresh to update the cart, option prices cannot be updated.
  • do not use a cart template, and instead fill the cart contents dynamically via javascript – this means that the "Item Customizations" line item cannot be properly hidden and updated with the main product.

When using the premium tier of Product Customizer, please ensure you disable "drawer", "modal", or other fancy-style carts in your theme.

Known Themes

The following themes are known to have these cart types or enable them by default. If you use one of these themes, you should change the cart type to "Page" in the theme settings.

How to Disable

To disable these cart types and change your cart type, please go to "Customize theme", then under "Cart Page" (or a similar section), change "Cart type" to "Page". Drawer, slide out, or modal cart types are incompatible with option pricing.

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