How to Display Product Options in Customer Account

Note: these instructions apply to the basic plan type only. Premium plan instructions are found here

The customer account view order page can be reached by your customers who have created an account with your shop, place an order, and then return to your shop and log in to their account. By default most themes will not display any product customizations on this view order template. To display the options added by product customizer you'll need to:

Go to Sales Channel > Online Store > Themes > ... (for the currently published theme) and click Edit HTML/CSS.
Click templates > customers/order.liquid
Make the following edits, where:
  • Lines highlighted in red / beginning with a "-" symbol show you what to remove.
  • Lines highlighted in green / beginning with a "+" symbol show you what to add.
  • DO NOT include "+" or "-" signs if you copy / paste this code into your theme.

Jump directly to the edits

Click Save

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